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I've been working on a project with the following back-end technology stack: Scala, Akka-Streams, Akka-Http, RabbitMQ. One of our biggest challenge is to read multiple message queues to consume notification data and send them through the proper push gateway. 

We won Mensa's Intelligent company of the year award in 2017 after winning it in 2016 in the small companies category..

Got hit by a youtube ad bug tonight - resulting in black screen and no video playback if I am logged in, but everything seems to be working when I log out. Tried with Edge and Chrome, both reproduce the issue. I've googled for "youtube black screen" and there seem to be a lot of annoyed users who regulary get hit by something similar. 

We got an award from Mensa for being the "Intelligent company" of the year among the small businesses in Hungary.

We've released a small piece of Java code on github today that can be used with the javascript based code editing tool CodeMirror to allow code completion for JAXB backed XML content.

Our board game collection

For the last two years we've been hosting a board game night in the office almost every week, either Friday or Saturday evening. 

When you have worked as a database developer for years and you start learning scala as a functional language you expect it will be at least a bit familiar as both technologies have a declarative aspect. However guides books and tutorial rarely try to make you understand functional constructs by comparing them to SQL. 

There was a time a few years back when 66.6% percent of our employees were members of Mensa - and even the third guy would probably have qualified had he taken the test.

It's rare to get an exception from the Java compiler, still this is what happened today: the following cryptic message arrived from the annotation processor:

java.lang.RuntimeException: com.sun.tools.javac.code.Symbol$CompletionFailure: class file for org.jaxen.FunctionContext not found



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