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1/15/18 4:28 PM

I've been working on a project with the following back-end technology stack: Scala, Akka-Streams, Akka-Http, RabbitMQ. One of our biggest challenge is to read multiple message queues to consume notification data and send them through the proper push gateway. 

11/9/17 7:12 PM

We won Mensa's Intelligent company of the year award in 2017 after winning it in 2016 in the small companies category..

2/12/17 11:44 PM

Got hit by a youtube ad bug tonight - resulting in black screen and no video playback if I am logged in, but everything seems to be working when I log out. Tried with Edge and Chrome, both reproduce the issue. I've googled for "youtube black screen" and there seem to be a lot of annoyed users who regulary get hit by something similar. 

12/7/16 11:02 AM

We got an award from Mensa for being the "Intelligent company" of the year among the small businesses in Hungary.

11/15/16 10:57 AM

We've released a small piece of Java code on github today that can be used with the javascript based code editing tool CodeMirror to allow code completion for JAXB backed XML content.